Medication Synchronization

Through Barney's Medication Synchronization (Med Sync) service, we eliminate the frustration of having multiple medications refilled at different times. We arrange for all of your prescriptions to be filled at the same time each month. With Med Sync, there's no need to call us or your doctor for refills - we do that for you. One of our staff members will call you on your Med Sync date and remind you to come by and pick up your medications.

For more information on Med Sync, please contact your local Barney's Pharmacy. 

"My favorite part of our sync program are the patient interactions. I love getting to check-in on everyone once a month. Being on multiple medications can be confusing, I hope to take away some of that stress!"- Med Sync tech, Lawana

Program Advantages


Single monthly trip to the pharmacy to pick up chronic medications; we can even extend this to a trip to the pharmacy once every 90 days if your physician(s) or other health care provider(s) agree to 90 day prescriptions

We will review your medications monthly

We will call you monthly to review your med list and refill what you need! 

Increase pharmacist access

Increase your understanding of our medications, potential side effects and associated costs

Assistance from pharmacy staff

Pharmacy staff will help you keep your prescriptions in order as you visit your physician(s)/healthcare provider(s) and/or have medication changes

Receive FREE medication delivery

(once monthly delivery)

We understand that sometimes it is hard to find tie to schedule a trip to the pharmacy; therefore, let us bring your medication to you at no additional fee!

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