Specialty Pharmacy

At Barney's Specialty Pharmacy, we understand the complications that go along with chronic and complex disease states. Your medication may be expensive, hard to find, difficult to use, or cause side effects you are unaware of. Our specialty pharmacists are available to assist you in lowering the cost of your medications through patient assistance programs and educate you on how to use the medications and what to expect from them. Contact us today to help you better understand your medications or check out our patient information packet HERE!

Meet our Specialty Team

Our specialty team is here for you! We offer individualized support to make managing your condition easier.

  • Ashley London, PharmD

    Dr. London is one of our specialty pharmacists. She has had years of experience in the Specialty field and has been with the Barney's specialty team since 2014. Her concentration is in Transplant, HIV, and Hepatitis C. She has volunteered for Lifelink of Georgia a. Dr. London is GPhA's AEP Chairman and a graduate of their Leadership Class of 2016.  

  • Haylee GAMBLIN, PharmD

    Dr. Gamblin is a graduate of the University of Georgia College of Pharmacy. She can be found at both the Augusta location and the Long Term Care Pharmacy. Her passions include geriatrics and chronic disease state management. Her specialty focus is in HIV patients. 

  • Lynn Smart, Technician

    Mrs. Smart is our lead specialty pharmacy technician.  She has been with Barney's pharmacy since 2012. She is passionate about her patients and our specialty department.