Compliance Packaging

Need help remembering your medication doses or organizing your medicines? 

Overwhelmed with medication bottles or trouble opening them?

Do you have a loved one you're caring for?

Let us help you transition to using one of our Compliance Packaging Options:

  • Bubble Packs: Monthly or Weekly
  • Pouch Packaging: Can be labeled with Medication, Date, & Time of Day

If you already have your medications filled at Barney's, this service is FREE. If your medications are filled at another pharmacy or through a mail-order service, we can package those, too, for a small fee.

If compliance packaging isn't the solution for you, perhaps you just need all your medications synchronized. We can do this with or without compliance packaging. Medication synchronization allows the pharmacy to fill all of your monthly medications at one time to reduce trips to the pharmacy. Click here to find out more about our Medication  Synchronization program. 

Dedicated staff

  • We have a dedicated staff to handle proper packaging of medications

  • Options for home delivery or pick-up

  • Call or come in to speak with a bubblepacking team member to review medications and see which packaging option would be right for you and your loved one!