Meet Our Managers

  • Rachael Kirkendohl

    Practice Manager, Barney's Pharmacies

    Rachael has managed intricate parts of  Barney's Pharmacies for over 12 years. Her professional interest is with lymphedema education and advancement. Her patients adore her!

  • Debbie Fechtman

    Human Resources Director, Barney's Pharmacies

    Debbie has managed human resources in several other companies for over 16 years. She has worked for Barney's Pharmacies for over 4 of those years. Debbie enjoys providing the best service to all of Barney's Pharmacy employees!

  • Julie Amerson

    Head Technician, Barney’s Pharmacy at Louisville

    Julie has worked with the Barney's Pharmacy Team for over 6 years. She oversees all technician and customer service responsibilities. This includes training new technicians and assisting with inventory management. She enjoys helping customers with different services provided and representing Barney's Pharmacy at events in the community.

  • Blake Bibbins

    Delivery Manager

    Blake is our delivery manager. He coordinates deliveries to our stores and has been with the Barney's family for more than 4 years.

  • Michelle Frank

    Technician Supervisor, Barney’s Pharmacy at Serenity

    Michelle came to Barney's Pharmacy as a National Certified Pharmacy Technician with eight years of pharmaceutical experience. As a servant of God, she has an intrinsic desire to help people and it shows! Michelle is a native of Augusta and is a graduate of Paine College earning her Bachelors of Art in Sociology.

  • Emily Harrison, MSN

    Technician Supervisor, Barney’s Pharmacy Long Term Care

    Emily works hard to give all of her patients the exceptional care they deserve. She also teaches the Chair Aerobics class, which is offered weekly in the Wellness Classroom as well as manages Barney's Pharmacy Boutiques. Emily has been with Barney’s Pharmacy for over 13 years, starting out as part of the customer service team. Emily received her Bachelors in Science in Health Promotional & Behavior at the University of Georgia and Master's in Nursing degree from the Medical College of Georgia.

  • Chad Hoffman

    Durable Medical Equipment Manager, Barney’s Pharmacy at Augusta

    Chad manages the durable medical equipment of the business. He is a service technician assembling and delivering the equipment when it comes in. Chad's other duties include being the main maintenance mechanic for the pharmacies.

  • Tamara jones

    Technician Supervisor, Barney’s Pharmacy at Grovetown

    Tamara has been employed by Barney's Pharmacy for over 5 years years. Her responsibilities include scheduling, overseeing daily duties, and working with the staff to create a successful pharmacy. Tam loves her job and values creating lasting relationships with her customers, and it shows!

  • Christie Mcclellan

    Technician, Sync Manager

    Christie has worked with the Barney's Pharmacy Team for over 10 years. She manages our sync team and program. Her favorite part of the job is interacting with her patients! 

  • Jean Morris

    Technician Supervisor, Medical Center Pharmacy

    Jean has worked with the Barney's Pharmacy Team for over eleven years. She handles scheduling, day to day duties and inputting prescriptions. She loves her job and enjoys making her customers happy!

  • Wendy N. Scott

    Storefront Manager, Barney’s Pharmacy at Augusta

    Wendy Scott has worked in the pharmacy business for over 28 years and has been an employee of Barney’s Pharmacy for over 11 years. Wendy has been involved in community outreach through our pharmacy kid's class, Barney’s Pharmacy Pups.

  • Stephanie Tyrpin

    Technician Supervisor, Barney’s Pharmacy at Augusta

    Stephanie has worked with the Barney's Pharmacy Team for over ten years. She supervises 12 pharmacy technicians, handles scheduling, day to day duties, and inputs prescriptions. She loves her job and is happy when her customers are happy!